Fitster: Your workplace wellness solution

Fitster: Your workplace wellness solution

All those who sits at least 6 hours per day know that sitting causes health problems. Not all of them do something to improve it. For example, back pain has become increasingly common worldwide. Sedentary work and back pain are our modern world enemies. Sitting in an office chair for long time can cause back pain problems. Fitster can reduce the negative effect of sitting work and improves productivity. Fitster reduce back, neck stiffness and pain, and also improve metabolism and fitness level.

Fitster schedules and shows short illustrated exercise sets for you to perform. Various workout groups can be selected to accommodate different needs. Fitster features a customizable Smart Timer which adjusts the workout timing to your work rhythm

Key features of Fitster:

• 90+ exercises, developed in co-operation with physiotherapists

• Multiple workout groups to choose from (muscle, hands, stretch, energy,…)

• Custom workout interval selection

• Timer resets if keyboard or mouse is not used

• Custom Smart Timer to accommodate different work schedules

• Friendly illustrations



Fitster 1.66